Principal Kenneth J. Hines is an internationally known fraud investigator and former executive law enforcement leader of IRS Criminal Investigation whose high profile investigations have yielded media around the world. 

No one is above the law including a member of the state bar association who has practiced criminal defense law,” said Kenneth J. Hines, the IRS Special Agent in Charge of the Pacific Northwest. “Mr. Landau is at or near the top of the list of people who know better than to lie during an IRS audit or to evade their federal income taxes.
— Redmond Reporter
Top tax cop is a straight shooter

Judging by Kenneth Hines’ track record for calling it like he sees it, Seattle may be in for some colorful comments from the new top tax cop in the Northwest.
— Seattle PI
2 Cunningham figures indicted over CIA deal

“It was a frat party with taxpayer money,” said Kenneth J. Hines, head of the Internal Revenue Service’s criminal investigation arm in San Diego.
— San Diego Union Tribune
Kenneth J. Hines, the IRS special agent in charge of the Pacific Northwest, said the U.S. tax system “is not a slush fund for thieves and fraudsters.”

“Those who illegally target our nation’s tax dollars for personal financial gain, along with others who assist them, could face criminal prosecution and lengthy prison sentences,” Hines said. Foreign nationals residing in other countries are not shielded from prosecution, “as a few Canadians who participated in this scheme learned the hard way.”
— Southern Poverty Law Center
Seattle attorney sentenced for his role in oil fields scheme

“Mr. Atwater’s pattern of deception and illegal conduct shakes our belief that licensed professionals should behave ethically,” Kenneth Hines, the IRS special agent in charge of the Pacific Northwest, said in a statement. “In order for Ponzi schemes to work, fraudsters have to create an illusion that the victims’ investment is safe. For this scheme, altered documents were used to mislead the investor.”
— Puget Sound Business Journal
Metabolife, one of the owners plead guilty to tax evasion

”It just boils down to greed, to not wanting to pay your fair share,” Hines said. “Greed motivates criminal enterprise and criminal individuals more than anything in the world.
— San Diego Union Tribune
Federal Authorities Raid CNMI’s Tinian Dynasty Casino

Kenneth J. Hines, special agent in charge of IRS-CI in the Pacific Northwest region, stated that federal laws that regulate the reporting of financial transactions are in place to detect and stop illegal activities.

”IRS Criminal Investigation is committed to enforcing these laws and following the money, wherever it leads,” Hines said.
— Pacific Island Report
Seattle investment firm CEO indicted on tax fraud charges

The investigation into Greenstein’s alleged activities dates back to 2003, when a U.S. Senate subcommittee launched an investigation into the activities of Quellos and other tax shelters. A two-agent team of tax investigators had been working steadily since, but were slowed by the volume of paperwork and international restrictions on the release of financial information, said Kenneth J. Hines, special agent-in-charge at the Seattle IRS office.
— Seattle PI